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Bringing the
Body of Christ Together
To Put Skin on the Gospel


What is CAM?

CAM is dedicated to showing Christ’s love by serving those in need. Every month during the school year we sponsor community service days, and we hold volunteer CAMps every summer. For more information about upcoming events, see the Ministries page or check out our Facebook page.


Jesus showed His love by meeting people’s needs; He healed the sick, gave sight to the blind, even raised the dead. Most of all, through His death and resurrection, He provided the way to meet our deepest need — to have a relationship with God.


As Christians, we are called to follow His example by meeting the needs of others. Not only are we obeying God and strengthening our relationship with Him, we are also accurately representing the love of His son, Jesus.

What is Our Goal?

Outward Goal- We strive to teach participants the importance of helping their community through volunteer projects. To accomplish this by:

  • Offering volunteer events during the school year.

  • Providing free local mission CAMps during the summer.

  • Hosting "One Night in a Box/Poverty Simulation."

  • Creating Open Heart Resource Room, which is a ministry that offers support to children who are in “out of home care.”

Inward Goal- focus on the participants: mentally, physically, & spiritually by teaching the Word, building relationships, and teaching them how to work hard without grumbling!

Leadership Goal- This takes place primarily in our Youth Advisory Council (YAC). We equip students to:

  • Lead small groups

  • Lead devotions

  • Prepare for CAMps

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